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Explore the fusion of style, tradition, and eco-conscious fashion with the "Spirit Animal Horse Men's Sweatshirt." This unique piece from the esteemed collection of Vegan Skyrider is a testament to the power and grace of the spirit animal horse.

Symbolic Design: Features a majestic horse motif, embodying strength, freedom, and spiritual guidance.
Sustainable Choice: Made from premium organic cotton, ensuring comfort and a minimal environmental footprint.

Vegan Skyrider honors the Navajo Nations connection to the animal world with this exclusive collection.
Ideal for the modern man who values both style and substance, this sweatshirt brings together the essence of spiritual symbolism and sustainable fashion in a comfortable, everyday garment. Embrace the spirit of the horse with this unique, eco-friendly sweatshirt.

Made from 80% Organic cotton & 20% Recycelte synthetic fibre

Spirit Animal Horse Mens Sweatshirt
Spirit Animal Horse Mens Sweatshirt Sale price$128.00