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Shipping Costs & Delivery Information at Vegan Cosmic Universe

Welcome to Vegan Cosmic Universe's interstellar delivery service! 

First Things First:
Enjoy Free Shipping within the US Mainland and UK!

We're passionate about delivering the universe's finest vegan products directly to your doorstep, wherever you are in the cosmos.

Our Delivery Promise: 
 At Vegan Cosmic Universe, we stand for prompt, reliable, and eco-friendly delivery. Our cosmic couriers are dedicated to ensuring that your products are delivered with care and efficiency. 

Free Shipping on the US Mainland and UK
We're thrilled to offer free shipping within the US mainland, making it easier for you to enjoy our range of vegan products. 

Shipping Destinations: Our delivery network spans a vast range of planets and space stations. If your location is within our cosmic reach, we're here to serve you. 

Processing Time: Orders are typically processed within 2-3 Earth days. After processing, they begin their galactic journey to your designated location. 

Estimated Delivery Times: 
Earth-Based Deliveries: Your items are expected to arrive within 7-10 Earth days. 
Intergalactic Deliveries: Depending on the distance and cosmic conditions, these deliveries may take 7-21 Earth days. 

Orders within the EU:
Please place your order on: as we can not accept orders for Europe in the US/ UK store

Shipping Costs: For destinations outside the US mainland, our shipping fees are calculated based on your order's weight and travel distance. The final cost will be presented at checkout. 

Order Tracking: After dispatching your order, we'll send you a tracking number, allowing you to monitor your order’s interstellar journey and its estimated time of arrival. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging: In line with our commitment to sustainability, all items are shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging, ensuring both the safety of your products and the welfare of our universe. 

Special Delivery Instructions: If you have specific delivery requirements, please note them in the 'Order Notes' section during checkout or contact our customer service team. 

Customs and Duties for International Deliveries: For deliveries beyond Earth, your order may be subject to the import duties and taxes of your planet, which are not covered in our prices and are the responsibility of the recipient. 

Customer Service Support: For any delivery-related inquiries or issues, our customer service team is ready to assist you. 

Contact us at 

Thank you for choosing Vegan Cosmic Universe for your sustainable interstellar shopping. 
We're excited to bring a piece of the cosmos directly to you!