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Our story

The Creation Of Our Universe


Our Avatars

Welcome to our enchanting world, 

We are Nicky and Mr. M, also known as Shen & Comic - The Superpug, proud proprietors of an ethereal online vegan emporium. Our mystical realm is a sanctuary for those who seek eco-conscious, ethically-sourced, and sustainable treasures. At our vegan wonderland, we conjure products with meticulous care and devotion, ensuring they are crafted from eco-friendly materials and ethically produced. We are firm believers that all beings, humans, and animals alike, have the right to lead a conscious, ethical life in perfect harmony with the world. Step into our enchanted world and discover a product universe steeped in fantasy aesthetics. Our collections are designed to not only support your spiritual journey but also deepen your connection to the universe. Each item is a magical, ethical masterpiece, created with love and responsibility. As guardians of nature's well-being, we're thrilled to provide you with vegan treasures that resonate with your values. Explore our selection of vegan wonders today and embark on a journey towards conscious living, sustainability, and cosmic harmony. 

Thank you for visiting Nicky & Mr. M an our Vegan Wonderland,
Your portal to a more magical, ethical, and sustainable universe."

Our Brand Values
Sustainable And Planet Friendly

  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging with Eco-Certification
  •  Sustainability production
  • Our own design team integrates ancient energy symbols into aesthetically designed products
  • Our products are durable, designed for years of daily use
  • Our aim is to support everyone in accessing spiritual knowledge, love, and strength.
  •  Plastic-free packaging
  • Carbon Neutral
  • All garments have STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • 100% Vegan
  •  100% Cruelty-free
  • An anti-speciesist company
  • 10% of our profit goes to animals in need
  • Shipping in mineral oil-free boxes
  • Only premium suppliers with fair working conditions.

Our Vegan Fashion

The Archangel Collection
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