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Embrace the essence of divine communication with the 'Archangel Gabriel Men's Regular T-Shirt v.2' from Vegan Skyrider's Guardian Angels Collection. This updated version, set against a golden green background, features Archangel Gabriel, symbol of revelation and hope. The radiant backdrop signifies Gabriel's role as the messenger of truth and enlightenment. Crafted from sustainable organic cotton, this tee offers a comfortable fit while adhering to eco-friendly fashion principles. Ideal for men who resonate with angelic wisdom and seek a blend of celestial symbolism with contemporary style, this version 2 tee merges the spiritual guidance of Gabriel with the ethos of modern ethical fashion.


Made from 80% Organic Cotton & 20% Recycled Synthetic Fibre

Archangel Gabriel Mens Regular t-Shirt v.2
Archangel Gabriel Mens Regular t-Shirt v.2 Sale price$68.00