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Meet the 
#1 Ancient Aliens
The Vedic Celestials
Discover the sublime beauty of our Vedic Celestials Collection from Vegan Skyrider, where ancient Vedic grace meets contemporary fashion. Infused with the timeless wisdom of celestial deities, this line is a must-have for those seeking a spirited, culturally rich twist in their wardrobe. Elevate your style with our unique designs, blending Vedic inspiration with modern fashion sensibilities.
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The Vedic Celestials Collektion 

Celebrate our Cosmic Deities, the revered guardians of ancient wisdom and guides for the future. Our Vedic Celestials Collection offers a luxurious homage to these divine beings, uniting their immense power and grace in a beautifully crafted array. Connect with the celestial energies and enrich your fashion sense with this spiritually resonant collection.
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Vedic Gods Superpowers 
Delve into the mystical world of Vedic Celestials with Vegan Skyrider. Explore the extraordinary abilities and spiritual significance of celestial deities revered in Vedic traditions and modern culture. Our collection captures the essence of these divine beings, offering a unique blend of spirituality and style.
Guidance and Wisdom:
Celestials are frequently sought for their guidance and wisdom. They are believed to offer insights that help individuals make crucial life decisions, understand their life purpose, or navigate complex situations. This guidance can come through various means, such as intuition, signs, dreams, or even through meditation and prayer.
Healing and Restoration:
Celestials are often associated with healing powers, providing relief and recovery from physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments. This healing can be sought through prayer, rituals, or meditative practices, and is considered to encompass more than just physical health, extending to emotional and spiritual well-being.
Protection and Safety:
Many traditions hold that celestial beings provide protection against physical and spiritual harm. This could manifest as safeguarding individuals from danger, providing a sense of security during challenging times, or offering a protective influence against negative or harmful energies.
Personal Growth and Empowerment:
Celestial assistance is frequently related to personal growth and empowerment. By providing support and encouragement, celestials are believed to help individuals realize their potential, overcome personal obstacles, and grow spiritually. This can result in a deeper understanding of oneself, a stronger connection to one’s beliefs, and an overall sense of empowerment and self-improvement.
Vedic Celestials Facts
Entdecke die erhabene Schönheit unserer "Vedischen Himmelswesen Kollektion" von Vegan Skyrider, wo antike vedische Anmut auf zeitgenössische Mode trifft. Durchdrungen von der zeitlosen Weisheit himmlischer Gottheiten, ist diese Linie ein Muss für jeden, der nach einem geistvollen, kulturell reichen Akzent in seiner Garderobe sucht. Hebe deinen Stil mit unseren einzigartigen Designs hervor, die vedische Inspiration mit modernem Modebewusstsein verbinden.

What is the Vedic Celestial Collection from Vegan Skyrider?

The Vedic Celestial Collection is our premium line of clothing and accessories inspired by the rich symbolism and powerful deities of Vedic astrology and Hindu mythology. This collection merges spiritual motifs with contemporary fashion, all while upholding our commitment to sustainable and vegan-friendly materials.

Which Vedic deities are featured in the collection?

Our collection includes a variety of designs inspired by major Vedic deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha, each symbolizing different aspects of life such as prosperity, protection, wisdom, and strength.

How are the products in the Vedic Celestial Collection eco-friendly?

We are dedicated to sustainability. Our products are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. We also employ ethical manufacturing practices to ensure that our production process is as environmentally conscious as our products.

Can I find clothing for all genders in this collection?

Absolutely! The Vedic Celestial Collection is designed to be inclusive, offering a range of styles that cater to all genders. We believe that spiritual fashion should be accessible and appealing to everyone.
How can I choose the right Vedic deity design for me?
Choosing a Vedic deity design often depends on personal affinity or the qualities you are drawn to. You might select a deity whose attributes resonate with your personality or aspirations. Our detailed product descriptions can help guide you in understanding the symbolism of each deity.
Your Vedic Celestials Connection
Discover the ancient wisdom of Vedic Celestials in contemporary life, offering spiritual enlightenment, emotional balance, and personal evolution for a profound connection with the cosmos.
Spiritual Enlightenment:
Engaging with Vedic Celestials can lead to profound spiritual insights, helping you understand deeper truths about the universe and your place in it.
Emotional Balance:
These celestial beings are believed to bring emotional harmony, helping you navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease and resilience.
Guidance in Life Decisions:
Vedic Celestials can provide guidance and clarity in decision-making, helping you align your choices with your higher purpose and spiritual path.
Enhanced Intuition:
Regular connection with these divine entities can heighten your intuition, making you more attuned to the subtle energies and signals of the universe.
Karmic Understanding and Resolution:
Vedic Celestials can offer insights into your karmic journey, aiding in the understanding and resolution of past actions and their impacts on your current life.
Personal Growth and Self-Realization:
By connecting with Vedic Celestials, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, leading to self-realization and an enlightened approach to life.
The Vedic Celestials
Lord Ganesh
  • Ganesh, the elephant-headed god, is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, both material and spiritual, making him a figure invoked at the beginning of ventures and ceremonies.
  • Lord of Beginnings: Associated with new beginnings, Ganesh’s power lies in paving the way for success and smooth transitions.
  • Wisdom and Intelligence: He is also known for his wisdom and intellect, symbolizing the fine balance between knowledge and understanding.
Lord Hanuman
  • Hanuman, the monkey god, is renowned for his extraordinary physical strength, capable of moving mountains and leaping great distances.
  • Devotion and Loyalty: His most celebrated power is his unwavering devotion and loyalty to Lord Rama, which is central to his character in the epic Ramayana.
  • Cunning and Bravery: Hanuman is also known for his wit and intelligence, using his skills to overcome challenges, making him a symbol of resourcefulness and courage.
  • Nandi serves as a protector, often depicted guarding the gates of Shiva's abode, representing strength and the ability to ward off evil.
  • Devotion and Service: Nandi, the bull, is primarily known as the devoted vehicle and gatekeeper of Lord Shiva. His key power lies in his unwavering devotion and service. He symbolizes strength and virility.
  • Protector: Nandi serves as a protector, often depicted guarding the gates of Shiva's abode, representing strength and the ability to ward off evil. Hanuman:
What Our Resident Alien Says
Embrace the profound wisdom and intellect with the Vedic Celestials Collection from Vegan Skyrider. Each piece celebrates the delicate harmony of knowledge and understanding, inspired by the enlightening essence of Vedic deities. Perfect for those seeking a blend of style and spiritual insight.
Shiva, Hanuman and Ganesh, very old friends who finally made their own merchandise!
We love it.

Shen & Cosmic

May Lord  Hanuman Be With You!