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The Egyptian Gods
Discover the mystical allure of our Egyptian Gods Collection from Vegan Skyrider, where ancient divinity meets contemporary style. Infused with the powerful essence of iconic Egyptian deities, this line is ideal for those desiring a blend of timeless mythology and modern fashion. Elevate your wardrobe with our distinct designs, merging the rich legacy of Egyptian gods with chic, current trends.
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The Egyptian Gods Collection

Step into the realm of ancient wonders with Vegan Skyrider's Egyptian Gods Collection. Celebrate the eternal guardians of mythology who have inspired humanity through ages. This collection is a tribute to the majestic powers of Egyptian deities, crafted to bring their timeless grace and strength into your modern wardrobe
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Egyptian Gods Superpowers 
Dive into the mesmerizing world of ancient Egyptian gods with Vegan Skyrider. Uncover the extraordinary powers and mystical abilities of these revered deities, celebrated for their divine guardianship and influential presence in both ancient lore and modern culture.
Creation and Manifestation:
Many Egyptian gods are credited with the power of creation. For instance, Atum was believed to be the self-created deity responsible for the creation of the world and all other gods. This power represents the ability to bring things into existence and manifest reality.
Healing and Restoration:
Deities like Sekhmet and Thoth were associated with healing powers. They were invoked for their ability to cure diseases and heal injuries, both physical and spiritual. This power also extends to the restoration of balance and order.
Protection and Guardianship
Egyptian gods often served as protectors. Goddesses like Isis and Bastet, and gods like Horus and Anubis, were venerated as guardians. They were believed to offer protection over various aspects of life, from motherhood and households to the journey of the soul into the afterlife.
Knowledge and Wisdom:
Egyptian gods were often revered for their wisdom and knowledge. Thoth, the god of writing and wisdom, was believed to be the inventor of language and the scribe of the gods, embodying intellectual prowess and knowledge. This power encompasses the ability to understand and solve complex problems, as well as to impart knowledge and wisdom to others.
Ancient Egyptian 
God Facts
Embark on a journey through time with Vegan Skyrider's Egyptian Gods Collection. Explore the captivating roles of ancient Egyptian deities like Osiris, the god of the afterlife; Isis, the goddess of magic; Anubis, protector of the dead; and Horus, the sky god, as they embody eternal strength, mystical communication, and divine healing, rooted in one of the world's oldest religious traditions.

What is the Egyptian Gods Collection from Vegan Skyrider?

The Egyptian Gods Collection is a unique line of fashion apparel and accessories inspired by the rich mythology and powerful deities of ancient Egypt. This collection combines symbolic elements of Egyptian gods with modern, sustainable fashion design.

Which Egyptian deities are featured in this collection?

Our collection features a range of designs inspired by notable Egyptian gods and goddesses, including Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Horus, and many others. Each piece captures the essence and symbolism associated with these deities.

Are the materials used in the collection eco-friendly?

Yes, absolutely. True to Vegan Skyrider's commitment, all items in the Egyptian Gods Collection are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, ensuring a minimal environmental impact without compromising on quality and style.

Can these designs be worn in everyday settings?

Certainly! Our collection is designed to be versatile, suitable for various occasions. Whether you're looking for a unique piece for a special event or a conversation starter for daily wear, this collection offers both elegance and comfort.
How do I choose the right deity design for me?
Each Egyptian deity represents different attributes and powers. We recommend exploring the meaning behind each deity to see which resonates with your personal style and spirit. Our product descriptions provide insights into the symbolism of each deity to help guide your choice.
Your Egyptian Gods Connection
Immerse yourself in the mystique of the Egyptian Gods Collection by Vegan Skyrider. Experience the ancient wisdom and spiritual depth of Egyptian deities, offering a unique blend of historical enchantment and modern relevance, perfect for enhancing personal growth and deepening your connection with the universe.
Cultural Insight and Wisdom:
Engaging with the ancient Egyptian gods allows for a deeper understanding of one of the world's oldest civilizations. Their myths and stories are rich with wisdom and lessons that are still relevant today, providing a unique perspective on life, morality, and the universe.
Personal Empowerment:
Many Egyptian deities symbolize strength, resilience, and power. By connecting with these gods, individuals can draw inspiration to empower themselves, overcome obstacles, and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence.
Spiritual Growth:
The Egyptian pantheon, with its complex beliefs about the afterlife and the soul, offers a profound source of spiritual exploration. This can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of one's spiritual path.
Emotional Balance:
Deities like Isis, known for her nurturing and protective qualities, can offer emotional support and comfort. Connecting with these gods can provide a sense of peace and emotional stability during challenging times.
Guidance and Protection:
Just as the ancient Egyptians looked to their gods for guidance and protection, modern individuals can seek similar support. Whether it’s making decisions, seeking protection in daily life, or finding a path through difficult situations, these deities can serve as guiding figures.
Connection to Nature and the Cosmos:
Egyptian gods are often closely linked to natural elements and cosmic phenomena. This connection can foster a deeper appreciation for nature and the universe, encouraging a more harmonious and respectful relationship with the world around us.
The Egyptian Gods
  • Originally a lioness warrior goddess like Sekhmet, Bastet evolved into a cat goddess that represents protection, fertility, and motherhood.
  • Guardian of Home and Family: She is often called upon to protect homes and ensure the family's well-being, symbolizing domestic harmony.
  • Deity of Joy and Music: Bastet is also associated with music, dance, and joy, often depicted with a sistrum (a musical instrument) and revered in festivals.
  • Anubis is primarily known as the protector of the dead. He oversees mummification and embalming, ensuring the safe passage of souls to the afterlife.
  • Judge of Souls: Anubis plays a crucial role in the weighing of the heart ceremony in the afterlife, determining the worthiness of souls by weighing their hearts against the feather of Ma'at (truth and justice).
  • Guidance in the Afterlife: As a psychopomp, Anubis guides souls through the underworld, helping them navigate their journey after death.
  • Sekhmet, often depicted as a lioness, is a powerful goddess of both healing and destruction. She can bring about plagues but also has the ability to ward them off and bring about healing.
  • Warrior Goddess: She is known for her fierce warrior aspect, often called upon for protection in battle and to vanquish enemies.
  • Balance of Power: As a solar deity, Sekhmet represents the harsh, scorching power of the sun, but also plays a role in maintaining balance and order.
What Our Resident Alien Says
Discover the allure of the Egyptian Gods Collection in the Vegan Cosmic Universe, where Shen the Alien celebrates the mystical fusion of ancient divinity and eco-conscious style. This collection is a tribute to the timeless elegance of Egyptian deities, perfectly suited for those who value cosmic harmony and sustainable fashion."
Great to see my old friends now on T-shirts, finally you know that they are still here!

Shen & Cosmic

May The Atum Be With You!