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Shen on the Return of the Hindu Gods and Lord Shiva

VCU Editorial: Shen, there is a lot of talk about the return of Hindu gods. Can you tell us more about it?

Shen: Yes, indeed, we are experiencing a time when the energies of Hindu gods are increasingly present on Earth. These gods, including Shiva, bring their unique qualities and messages to assist us in our spiritual growth and global transformation.

VCU Editorial: Why is Shiva such a significant divine force?

Shen: Shiva is often seen as the destroyer and renewer. His energy represents change and transformation at all levels of being. In today's world, where we are experiencing a significant shift, Shiva's presence can help us let go of old structures and limitations to make way for new things.

VCU Editorial: Why is it useful to wear an amulet with the energy of Shiva?

Shen: An amulet with the energy of Shiva serves as a constant reminder of his power and support. It allows us to connect with his energy and integrate it into our daily life. The amulet can remind us that we are capable of transformation and unfolding our own inner divinity. It serves as a source of inspiration and protection on our spiritual journey.

VCU Editorial: How can we use the energy of Shiva in practice?

Shen: There are various ways to use Shiva's energy in practice. You can wear the amulet during meditations or use it as a focal object to connect with Shiva and receive his energy. Through conscious visualization or touching the amulet, you can establish a deeper connection and feel Shiva's transformative power in your life.

VCU Editorial: Are there specific teachings or messages that Shiva has for us?

Shen: Shiva teaches us the importance of letting go, change, and spiritual cleansing. He reminds us that death and change are part of life and that we can evolve through transformation. Shiva's messages also emphasize the harmony between masculine and feminine energies and the importance of strength and compassion in our spiritual journey.

VCU Editorial: How can the Vegan Cosmic Universe help connect with the energy of Shiva?

Shen: The Vegan Cosmic Universe offers specially designed amulets and spiritual jewelry that carry the energy of Shiva. These products are designed with carefully selected materials and symbols to strengthen the connection to Shiva. By wearing these amulets, we can feel his presence in our lives and benefit from his transforming power.

Note: The interview with Shen, our Lyran alien, provides insights into the return of Hindu gods and the significance of Shiva in modern times. We recommend wearing our Lord Shiva amulet to better feel this energy, which is recommended as a helpful tool for your spiritual practice and transformation.