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Shen and the Egyptian God Anubis

VCU Editorial: Shen, why do you think Anubis is important in today's world?

Shen: Anubis, an Egyptian deity associated with transition and transformation, is particularly significant today as many people seek inner change and spiritual development. His energy helps us overcome fears, break free from old patterns, and embark on our spiritual journey.

VCU Editorial: Why is the Anubis pendant good for connecting with Anubis's energy?

Shen: The Anubis pendant is a powerful symbol that channels Anubis's energies. By wearing or having the pendant with us, we open ourselves to the vibrations and messages of Anubis. It helps us establish a deeper connection to his energy and allows us to experience his guidance and support in our lives.

VCU Editorial: How can the Anubis pendant be used in spiritual practice?

Shen: The Anubis pendant can be utilized in various ways in spiritual practice. For example, one can wear it during meditation or rituals to strengthen the connection to Anubis. By consciously visualizing or touching the pendant, one can feel his presence and ask for his guidance. The pendant serves as a reminder of Anubis and helps us connect with his energy and embody his qualities in our lives.

VCU Editorial: Are there specific messages or teachings that Anubis has for us?

Shen: Anubis teaches us the importance of change and transformation. He reminds us that death and the end of a phase in life do not signify the end istelf, but the beginning of something new. Anubis encourages us to face our fears and resistances to evolve and unleash our full potential. His messages also emphasize the importance of balancing light and darkness and the significance of spiritual guidance on our path.

VCU Editorial: How can the Vegan Cosmic Universe help connect with Anubis?

Shen: The Vegan Cosmic Universe offers a variety of Anubis pendants and spiritual jewelry specially designed to strengthen the connection to Anubis. Through the energetic alignment and quality of the products, the Vegan Cosmic Universe enables a deep and authentic experience with Anubis's energy. These jewelry pieces serve as portals to welcome Anubis into our lives and benefit from his guidance and wisdom