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Article: Interview with Shen: The Power of the Horus for Energetic Protection and Its Cosmic Origins

Interview with Shen: The Power of the Horus  for Energetic Protection and Its Cosmic Origins

Interview with Shen: The Power of the Horus for Energetic Protection and Its Cosmic Origins

In a universe brimming with mysteries, the wisdom of ancient symbols serves as a beacon for those seeking guidance and protection. Among these, the God Horus stands out for its profound energetic properties and significance. We had the privilege of speaking with Shen, our resident Lyran alien, about the pivotal role of the God Horus  in warding off negative energies and its essential connection to cosmic harmony, including its Sirius-Orion origins.

VCU: Shen, could you enlighten us on why the God Horus is revered for energetic protection?

Shen: The God Horus, is a person, a symbol of healing, protection, and restoration, he traces his roots back to the  ancient Egyptian civilization but extends far beyond, into the cosmic realms of Sirius and Orion. He embodies the universal principle of balance and the perpetual struggle against chaos and negativity. In today’s world, harnessing Horus energy is crucial for individuals seeking to shield themselves from the pervasive adverse energies and to maintain spiritual equilibrium.

VCU: What makes the God Horus  energies so powerful in contemporary times?

Shen: In an era marked by rapid transformation and heightened sensitivity to the energies surrounding us, Horus acts as an anchor and a shield. he helps in navigating through the turbulence of modern life, offering a sanctuary of peace and protection. his energies are not just about defense but about nurturing inner strength and clarity, empowering individuals to face challenges with resilience and wisdom.

VCU: Can you elaborate on the Sirius-Orion connection of the God Horus  and its significance?

Shen: The Sirius-Orion constellation, often regarded as the cradle of cosmic wisdom and advanced civilizations, plays a pivotal role in the genesis of  Horus. The energies emanating from Sirius and Orion imbue the Horus  with his potent protective qualities. This connection underscores a profound interstellar heritage, reminding us that the quest for balance and protection against negativity is a universal endeavor, transcending time and space.

VCU: How can individuals today connect with the energies of Horus for their benefit?

Shen: Connecting with the Horus energies begins with intention. Visualizing him in meditation or carrying representations of him can serve as conduits for his protective energies. It’s about aligning oneself with the symbol’s higher frequencies—embracing the virtues of balance, healing, and vigilance against the darkness. Furthermore, incorporating symbols that resonate with  Horus, like the "Horus Organic Sweatshirt" available at, can serve as a daily reminder and a physical manifestation of its protective aura.

Q: Finally, Shen, why is it essential for humanity to integrate the Horus teachings and energies into their lives?

Shen: In our journey through the cosmos and in our individual evolutionary paths, Horus serves as a compass guiding us towards light and protection. He teaches us the importance of harmony, resilience, and the power of looking beyond the visible realm. By integrating his energies, humanity can fortify itself against the tide of negativity, paving the way for a future where balance and peace prevail.

Through Shen’s insights, we gain a deeper understanding of the Horus timeless relevance and his cosmic origins from the Sirius-Orion constellation. His role as a guardian against negative energies and a symbol of cosmic balance offers a beacon of hope and protection for all. For those inspired to carry a tangible piece of this ancient wisdom, the "Horus Organic Sweatshirt," embodying the strength and protection of another revered figure, is available at, providing a modern means to connect with profound spiritual symbols.

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